About us

The Department of Jurisprudence and Legal Theory was created in November 10, 2016, out from the Department of International Law and Jurisprudence. The pioneerHead of Department was Dr. Miriam Chinyere Anozie, and incidentally is still the Head of Department till date.
The numerical strength of the Departmental staff is thirteen and this is made up of eight Academic staff and five Non-Academic staff.
The Department offers Postgraduate programmes in Law, which covers the following areas of specialisation: Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, Comparative Jurisprudence, International Criminal Theory, Development Justice and Human Rights, also a wide variety of postgraduate courses reflecting contemporary practices and advancement in the legal field. This is to ensure that our students are adequately equipped to meet the challenges of the modern world.
The Department has achieved a lot since its creation in terms of the welfare of staff. SomeAcademic and Non-Academic staff were interviewed and their appointments regularized in July 2018. Those due for confirmation and promotion were confirmed and promoted in the same year.Currently the Department has one Professor, two Readers, one Senior Lecturer, three Lecturers I and one Lecturer II.